For plastic drums that cannot be reused or reconditioned to Jakacki Bag & Barrel’s standards, regrinding is a service offered. Regrinding is the process of taking used plastic drums and grinding them into very small particles. These particles, or regrind, can be used to manufacture other plastic products. Not only does regrind keep unusable plastic drums out of landfills, but also is a cost-effective alternative when producing new plastic products.

Other Packaging


Totes are plastic intermediate bulk containers (IBC) that are used by various industries for liquid storage and transport. Since totes are expensive to manufacture and purchase, they are frequently recycled to prolong their usage. Jakacki Bag & Barrel has a multi-step tote cleaning and reconditioning process that enables these totes to be reused.

Trailer Drop and Storage

Expand your warehouse capacity with trailer drop and storage. Jakacki Bag & Barrel can drop a trailer at your location for used drum or totes storage. Once the trailer is full, we pick up the load. Depending on your organization’s needs, reconditioned items can be returned or resold.